Monday, 14 January 2008

Research into bullying in post -92 UK universities

I am finishing my MBA in Education and would like to ask for your support. As part of my studies I have chosen to carry out a piece of research on bullying in universities and management of policies to deal with bullying in the universities UK. If you have been affected by bullying or have instigated a policy/grievance to deal with it, I would like to hear from you. I would also be grateful to hear from anyone with information about tribunal or other cases related to bullying in post - 92 universities UK.

Please bear in mind that much literature has been written but I need the support and evidence from people who have actually been experiencing bullying in post-92 universities.

The findings of the study would then be published through research papers at conferences as widely as possible. The confidentaility of your contribution is assured in all parts.

As usual this piece of academic research is self-funded, independent and will not be used for profit and will only seek to enhance understanding of such issues.

(if you send me a line I can contact you by phone also)

Salvatore Fiore

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