Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Artistic approaches to anti-bullying activism

Howard and Lori Fredrics are two artists, husband and wife, who are active in London and around. This couple have embarked on a series of mini projects to highlight the effect of bullying in the workplace. Having themselves experienced bullying in a university as workplace, the couple have brought an innovative and therapeutic approach to such issues in order to reflect on the devastating effects that bullying has on the lives of university workers and more in general on the lives of people. Using various performance techniques, Howard and Lori have already organized a series of outdoor mini events with the interest of the local audience. In November 2007, always on the theme of bullying, they dedicated an evening at the Ram Jam Club in Richmond to poetry, music and various arts. They have also produced some videos and music in which they perform autobiographical events of bullying.

I have spoken to them both about their reflections on such events and on how the evening at the Ram Jam Club went. Below is the interview in two parts (due to the length of the video).

Interview part 1

Interview part 2

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