Wednesday, 16 January 2008

"La Sapienza" Rome - POPE free area

Hi all,

Although nearly no space has been given to the following news I report it for you benefit:

"The POPE has been heavily contested with an occupation of the University Senate rooms by autonomous students at "La Sapienza" university in Rome. He will not go and give a speech at the university for the inaugural celebration of the Academic Year".

This of course is a great victory for academic freedom in Italy.

The right of reply has been given to the students and they took it and they made good use of it.

Not many newspapers have reported the news and some have devoted just a small space on their web-sites.

Prof. Rodota' and other have been free to comment on state televisions and autonomous students have been given the right to protest in the university by the VC of "La Sapienza" and nobody of course has been sacked.

Academic freedom? What Academic freedom? What a joke! I leave in the UK.


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