Saturday, 11 October 2008

A day of demonstration start with

Today, we have manifested against Berlusconi government for legislation which would like to privatise universities in Italy and restrict access to research only to elite organisations.

We have distributed some leaflets in front of the Italian consulate in Birmingham to support also the manifestations organized by Rifondazione Comunista that were contemporaneously taking place in London and Rome.

We will continue with other days demonstrations around the country in front of Italian consulates and British universities to demonstrate our disapproval for the global policies of universities and research privatisation hidden behind rethoric of "quality", "professionalism", "leadership", "efficiency and profitability" and all the neoliberism parafernalia.

Join us in this struggle by spreading the message and talking to students, parents, politician and all people known to you to say that university schools and research privatisation must be stopped. If not it will centre power in the hands of a few who will inevitably ask for the payment of very high fees and will not give access to research which does not support their speculative interests.

(leafleting outside the Italian Consulate in Birmingham)

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