Monday, 26 November 2007

Super Woman

It is something quite normal for candidates to the trade union general secretariat to promise you the earth, in order to get the job and the pot of money that comes with it.

Especially nowadays. They will make anything and everything good happen for you. They promise to be some sort of heroes with extraordinary powers. Energetic and enlightened, strong enough to defend you in the moments you believe things could never be worse.

When you really need the strong and sincere help of a friendly figure who can be down-to-earth but at the same time extraordinarily powerful. You can feel safe in the hands of such individuals, you can give yourself up in their bigs arms: they will always be there. And there is a nice warm feeling of comfort and passion in all this. We are not given the possibility to understand where the passion comes from but that does not matter.

The feelings of just being taken for another ride are not there anymore. Do you remember when you used to think: " Ah well, this is another lie from a politician who wants a seat"? They were too disingenuous to tell you the little story. The discourse now is totally different. The promises now are so big that even your imagination fails to realise such things!

Look at this new breed, this new genereation of elite caste of super-unionman/woman.

Don't go around the TV and don't waste your time in bookshops to look for another fiction to entertain you. The things that you really wanted to astonish you are there at the click of a button, on the Internet.

But if you are not really astonished yet, I'll tell you this. Read the following paragraph, it was written before the election to the highest position of a union. It was written on the blog for the election of its general secretary on her blog:

"In this union I have continued this work, campaigning to save jobs, lobbying ministers on academic freedom and workload, producing new guidance for fixed term staff and giving members who faced losing their jobs the opportunity to meet ministers face to face. "

To speak face to face with a minister before the sack?

If you want to meet your ministers for not getting sacked please email Sally Hunt, General Secretary of UCU

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