Friday, 30 November 2007

SOSR abolition petition interview with Howard Fredrics

In a previous post I reported on the SOSR abolition petition published on the Downing Street website by Howard Fredrics.

We have hundreds, thousands of petitions on this or that subject. Some are put forward as political speculation or just for the sake of being uncomfortable for this or that party.

This is a very interesting petition because it is relevant for all parties all unions and all workers. A recent EAT decision in the case of Perkin v St. Georges NHS Trust, strengthens the right of employers to dismiss workers on the grounds of "Some Other Substantial Reason" (SOSR).

The petition aims to remove the vague and easily abused “SOSR” basis for dismissal while retaining the right to dismiss an employee on the grounds of gross misconduct.

I have interviewed Howard about the petition. In the interview he tells of interesting ways to take the petition forward with the arts.

Please provide your support signing the petition at

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