Monday, 19 November 2007

The game of the silence

The game of silence is the final supporting crutch of this pretend democracy. Sorry, constitutional monarchy. Anyway the citizens are suffering from hearing problems in relation to the truth. When they hear it they no longer notice it. In the "NeverEnding Story", reality was devoured by nothing, bit by bit. In England nothing has been superimposed on reality.

Facts disappear, lies remain. They are published without interruption to make them plausible. Information is no longer a tool of politicians. It is itself politics. The only one that exists, behind it there’s nothing. Sally Hunt, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Roger Kline are offspring of nothing. They do not exist. They are headlines on news broadcasts, on printed paper.

The few, very few journalists who write the truth are marginalized or sued. In England the truth hurts, but it hurts only those who tell it.

Silence is golden. It covers up kick backs, European funding used for university projects for creation of cronyism, ghost professorships and organisation of symposia to manufacture research output 'previously ordered'. It’s a new Iron Curtain between the citizens and the politicians. The media are no longer controlled, directed by the parties and by the economic powers. They are part of them. They are their press office.

In England anything can be under discussion, from the Iraq War, to the organization of the University and College Union, to the corruption of university management. Certainly sterile discussions, without consequences for power. Only one thing cannot even be discussed: information. No one talks about the ownership of the THES, the collusion of UCU with university management, the suicides of university professors or the lack of legal cases supported by UCU.

It’s not possible to open up the sewer of information. The politicians and our pretend capitalists know that well. If someone opens up the manhole cover of the sewer, then they are finished.

BTW: this is a very strict adaptation (nearly a carbon copy) of an article that appeared on the blog of Beppe Grillo in Italy discussing Italian corruption and information.You can read below the original article.

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