Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Academic freedom anybody?

Uk lowest on the list for academic freedom. Ok, Already a very old article which has done it's time before I'm through reading the title. Then you try to read it to find something interesting and again and again. It feels like deja vu'. Then it comes to the point you get the anger. The Times Higher supplement has reported it this week like nothing really matters. Ah yes, it is a piece like any other and nothing matters more than the writing of it and making sure that we are aware that the UK is at the bottom of such list.

The UCU has not even been asked how all this has happened. Surely they would be asking for a vote between the branches and assembling to mount a polemic so that Hunt and Kline could be busy for another round of interviews on the BBC or Guardian web-site. It would afterall be an ideal afterdinner spirit to digest the recent aborted boycott against Israel.

But what is it that really matters in this story; breach of contract is something that is never even cited anymore. The entire article is plain and not a word of dissent is raised. Ehi!! the famous academic freedom in the UK is breached, sure and now what?

The unions have their fault: years and years of Thatcherite first and Blairite after must have made them seriously ill. Where were they when all this happened, all this daily eroding of the rights of dignified workers sitting behind their desks or inahaling chalk behind boards full of formula, graphs and diagrams for another day of abuse.

Surely neo-liberalism has been an excuse for forgetting all this and then going out happy, reciting that everything is nice and we were happy and that everything is so shiny. Ehi, academic freedom is gone. What next then?

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